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Empire State What?

balloonAfter writing a chapter on the importance of childishness for my new book GET STARTED IN WRITING AND ILLUSTRATING CHILDREN’S FICTION (out November 2015), I heard a fantastic example from my own past yesterday.

I went to New York with my family when I was 4 years old. I remember the skyline as we drove over the bridge from New Jersey. I remember the skyscrapers almost touching each other an unimaginably long way above my head. I remember Bloomingdales, and Father Christmas. My little brother (2) was given a balloon, which sadly popped beneath the wheels of his buggy.


I learned yesterday that my father took me to the top of the Empire State Building as well.

I don’t remember that. Sorry, Pa.

So if you ever catch yourself planning a wonderful book all about a small child’s exciting trip to New York, remember: balloon, not 20th century architectural icon. It’s all about perspective.