Teach Yourself: Get Started in Writing an Illustrated Children’s Book

John Murray November 2016



Movie Night Hodder Jan 2018

The Kiss Hodder July 2015


POP GIRL (co-written with Tallia Storm)

Pop Girl Scholastic Oct 2015

Pop Girl 2 Scholastic Jun 2017


ANTHOLOGIES (contributor) Stripes 2011-2017

Wish Upon a Snowflake and other stories

Moonlight Magic and other stories

On a Snowy Night and other stories

Winter Wonderland and other stories

Moonlight Tales and other stories

On a Starry Night and other stories

The Little Bunny and other stories


HEARTSIDE BAY (as Cathy Cole) Scholastic 2014

(1) The New Girl

(2) The Trouble with Love

(3) More than a Love Song

(4) A Date with Fate

(5) Back to You

(6) Kiss at Midnight

(7) Back to You

(8) Summer of Secrets

(9) Playing the Game

(10) Flirting with Danger

(11) Lovers and Losers

(12) Winter Wonderland

Foreign editions: USA



Bob, No Ordinary Cat (A Streetcat named Bob) (as James Bowen) Hodder 2013

The World According to Bob (as James Bowen) Hodder 2014


SPACE PENGUINS Stripes 2013/2014

(1) Star Attack!

(2) Cosmic Crash!

(3) Galaxy Race!

(4) Meteor Madness!

(5) Planet Peril!

(6) Monster Moon!

(7) Black Hole Battle!

(8) Comet Chaos!

Foreign editions: USA



Splash! Collins 2011

Foreign editions: USA


WILD Hodder 2011/2012

(1) Tiger Trouble

(2) Monkey Magic

(3) Bear Hug

(4) Koala Crazy

Foreign Editions: France, Sweden, Finland, Germany


ANIMAL ANTICS Stripes 2010/2011

(1) The Leaping Lion

(2) The Windy Whale

(3) The Potty Penguin

(4) The Singing Sheep

(5) The Clumsy Monkey

(6) The Scaredy Bear

Foreign Editions: Thailand, Bulgaria


STERNENFOHLEN (Unicorn School – as Linda Chapman) Cosmos (Germany) 2010

(7) Wirbel um Stella

(8) Sturmwinds Geheimnis

(9) Ein Zauberhaftes Team

(10) Kopf Hoch, Saphira!

(11) Ein Magisches Fest


DREAM DOGS (as Aimee Harper) HarperCollins 2009/2010

(1) Pepper

(2) Sasha

(3) Nugget

(4) Crystal

(5) Charlie

(6) Poppy

Foreign Editions: Czech Republic, Brazil


SCARLET SILVER Hodder 2009/2010

(1) Swashbuckle School

(2) The Impossible Island

(3) The Matey M’Lad

(4) Freda the Fearless

(5) The Loony Doubloon

(6) The Vague Vagabond

Foreign Editions: Germany


BEAST QUEST (as Adam Blade) Orchard Books 2008-2010

(8) Claw the Giant Monkey

(11) Arachnid, King of Spiders

(18) Sting, the Scorpion Man

(26) Hawkite, Arrow of the Air

(38) Hellion the Fiery Foe

(41) Ellik the Lightning Horror

Special Edition: Creta the Winged Terror

Foreign Editions: Germany, Sweden, Belgium Denmark, Spain, Portugal, USA, Japan, China, Turkey, Slovenia


FAMOUS FIVE: ON THE CASE (as Enid Blyton) Hodder Children’s Books 2008/2009

(1&2) The Case of the Fudgie Fry Pirates / The Plant That Could Eat Your House

(3&4) The Case of the Impolite Snarly Thing / The Sticks and Their Tricks

(5&6) The Case of the Plot to Pull the Plug / The Thief who Drinks from the Toilet

(7&8) The Case of the Hot Air Ba-Boom! / The Stinky Smell

(9&10) The Case of the Defective Detective / Allie’s Really Very Bad Singing

(11&12) The Case of the Medieval Meathead / The Messy Mucked Up Masterpiece

(13&14) The Case of the Guy Who Makes You Act Like a Chicken / The Felon with the Frosty Fingers

(15&16) The Case of the Bogus Banknotes / Eight Arms and No Fingerprints

(17&18) The Case of the Flowers that Make Your Body All Wobbly / The Guy Who Looks Pretty Good for a 2000-Year-Old

(19&20) The Case of the Gobbling Goop / The Surfer Dude Who’s Truly Rude

(21& 22) The Case of the Cactus, the Coot, and the Cowboy Boot / The Seal Who Gets All Up in Your Face

(23&24) The Case of the Snow, the Glow, and the Oh No! / The Fish that Flew the Coop


COLEEN, STYLE QUEEN (as Coleen McLoughlin) HarperCollins 2008

(1) Passion for Fashion

(2) Dress to Impress

(3) Rock That Frock!

(4) Sand, Sea and Sequins


NAUGHTY FAIRIES (as Lucy Mayflower) Hodder 2006/2007

(1) Imps are Wimps

(2) Wand in the Pond

(3) Caterpillar Thriller

(4) Sweet Cheat

(5) Bumble Rumble

(6) Spells and Smells

(7) Tricksy Pixie

(8) An Utter Flutter

(9) Never Hug A Slug

(10) Potion Commotion

(11) Ping’s Wings

(12) Spider Insider

Foreign Editions: France, Greece, Romania, Lebanon, Portugal, Turkey


THE PET FINDERS CLUB (as Ben Baglio) Hodder  / Scholastic Bookclubs (USA) 2006/2007

(2) Max is Missing!

(4) Rescuing Raisin

(7) Disappearing Desert Kittens

(9) Runaway Rascal

(11) Lost in the Snow

(12) Vanishing Point

Foreign Editions: Serbia, Sweden, Finland, Germany


ANIMAL ARK (as Lucy Daniels) Hodder 2000-2003

(57) Bunny on a Barge

Kitten in the Candy Corn

Colt on Christmas Eve: Xmas Special

Spaniel in a Stocking: Xmas Special


DOLPHIN DIARIES (as Lucy Daniels) Hodder 2004/2005

(7) Leaving the Shallows

(8) Beyond the Sunrise

Foreign Editions: France, Netherlands


THE WIZARD APPRENTICE (as Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald) Hodder/WHSmith 2002

(8) Voice of the Ice


THE SLEEPOVER CLUB (as Ginny Deals) HarperCollins 1999/2000

(28) Sleepover Club Eggstravaganza

(40) Sleepover Girls Go Wild!